School in Romont
Architect: TEd'A arquitectes
Client: Commune de Romont
Status: Competition (2014)
Clasification: 2 prize
Location: Romont, Switzerland
Coordinates: 46.689273, 6.912279
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Concrete
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 6.000 ㎡ Medium
Types: Education, School

The proposal reads and understands the urban environment where it is inserted. There are two different urban areas around the site:

– Towards the East is dominated by large-scale collective housing tall buildings.
– Towards the West is characterized by small-scale buildings of low single-family houses.

This is why the answer of the project is comprised of two parts:

– On the eastern edge of the plot we have a regular prism, at the highest level as the regulation permits and with a flat roof.
– On the other hand, towards the west we find an irregular prism, as low as possible and with a sloping roof.

Order of uses

Uses are ordered volumetrically and with the help of different levels. Volumetric order of uses:

– Inside the high building we have fragmented spaces, especially the classrooms.
– Inside the low building we have the large space of the gymnasium.

Level order of uses:

– On the ground floor, on level with Pierre de Savoie street, we find all areas that can be used after school hours, those uses which are not only designated for students. On the ground floor there is the entire program except for the classrooms. This level can operate completely independent from the rest of the building.
– On the first floor, on level with the playground, we have all of the kindergarten classrooms.
– On the second and third floors there are all of the primary classrooms.

Structural order

The supporting structure matches with the distributive structure. Both are arranged in a grid of 2.90 x 2.90 m.

Constructive order

The construction characterizes space and responds to the uses. We distinguish three main elements:

– Precast concrete of the facade.
– The silico calcareous blocks of the partitions -which are seen in the main lobby area.
– The painted wood cladding, which cover and are suited for the interior of the classrooms.

Spatial order

Space enhances the order of uses. We distinguish two main spaces: the space of the classrooms, which is of regular section, neutral light and covered finishes; and the space of longitudinal circulation, which is of irregular section, changing light and exposed finishes.

Extension possibility

The structure, order and position of the classrooms would largely help a hypothetical future expansion. This expansion would strengthen the urban concept of the proposal. This expansion would not modify the normal operation of the school neither affect other existing buildings inside the plot. This expansion is flexible and would allow a progressive growth according to the quantitative requirements of new classrooms.

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