Siemensstadt 2.0
Architect: Robertneun Architekten
Client: Siemens
Status: Competition (2020)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Berlin, Germany
Coordinates: 52.539010, 13.261619
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Materials: Metal, Glass
Environment: Industrial
Visualizer: Philipp Obkircher
Scale: 46.732 ㎡ Large
Types: Headquarters, Institutional

Regula Lüscher, Berlin Senate Building Director and jury member:

“The design by ROBERTNEUN is an important statement for the overall development of Siemensstadt, as it sets standards for the architectural quality and sustainability issues, such as wood construction, the use of photovoltaics and innovative energetic concepts, and shows how work can look in the future. At the same time, it connects the public with the new Siemensstadt through audience-related ground floor uses to revitalize public space and shows: Siemens is also developing a campus for the citizens of Berlin”.

Stefan Kögl, General Manager of the project, Siemens AG:

“We have reached another important milestone in our Siemensstadt 2.0 project. The design by ROBERTNEUN is very intelligent, makes use of a new, forward-looking architectural language and delivers a convincing sustainability concept. All of this also offers great potential for the other planned buildings on the site. With the winning design we are giving Siemensstadt a new face”.

Team: Ilana Ginton, Max Mütsch, Mathias Pudelko, Carolina Gomes, Benedikt Bührle, Neele Müller, Luis Wagenführer | Engineer: Transsolar | Structural engineer: Bollinger Grohmann | Post date: 30/11/2020 | Views: 5.372