Structure of activities at Hedmark's Museum
Architect: Eduardo M. Mediero
Client: ETSA Madrid
Status: Academic
Location: Hamar, Norway
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Metal
Environment: Seaside
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Cultural, Intervention, Landscape, Mixed use

The structure is located North from Fehn’s museum, right in the limit between land and water. An undetermined and difuse place where, depending on the water level, the structure will sometimes be inside the water, sometimes outside of it, sometimes both, sometimes either. A no man’s land that tries to connect the surface of the Earth with the lake. It is this imprecise condition what sets the pace for the project.

The structure contains objects and elements that occupy it in parts. At the top, a very long and very narrow box is located; lifted up to seek the horizon. It comprises the most static and definite program of all; rooms for archeologists, rooms for visitors, a work area on one side and a rest area on the other. To access the box there is a long walkway that crosses the whole structure diagonally.

Versus the static and enclosed box, the rest of elements that inhabit the structure respond to a more temporal and undefined character; bathing platforms, movable sheds, deployable tents, pools, saunas…a series of objects that are related to the water surface and anchor the structure to the Earth.

To surpass the top of the trees, to live close to the sky without losing sight of the Earth.

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