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Architect: Bertola architecture
Client: City of Pully
Status: Competition (2021)
Location: Pully, Switzerland
Coordinates: 46.5105015217025, 6.656375012961492
Climate: Temperate, Humid subtropical
Materials: Concrete, Wood
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio Stratus
Scale: 4.500 ㎡ Medium
Types: Education, School

Historical and urban context

Perched on its courtyard and topped with a clock punctuating the days of schoolchildren, the Principal College of Pully stands out as a landmark building in this city. However, the latter is now faced with a densified urban context and a courtyard tormented by the multiple stages of development that it has undergone in recent decades. Through its location and the redevelopment of the plot it proposes, the building of the new Principal College in Pully aims to rearrange and re-articulate the different spatialities of this site in order to restore harmony. The extension of the college proposes a reversal of the dynamics of the plot with the objective of updating the relation of this one to its urban context and to the avenue CF-Ramuz, today become one of the main axes. of the City of Pully.

Integration into site levels

The building rises in a compact volume at the south-eastern corner of the plot, with the aim of densifying the area while preserving as much as possible the existing courtyard spaces. It has redefined the front of the school site on Avenue CF-Ramuz with its presence. It is also linked to the different levels of the site by interpreting its slope as a series of terraces. In the basement, it connects to the altitude of the Avenue to ensure access to the commissary, then deploys on the lower ground the entrance to the sports hall on the existing courtyard, before joining the ground floor above the upper level of Chemin du Préau. This organization into plateaus also makes it possible to spatially define the three separate courtyards according to the age groups of the students, and unifies the entire site into a new school campus.

Landscaping and access

The distribution of this campus is carried out mainly through three axes: a first axis defined by the Avenue Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, widened and planted, along which the various mobilities are organized: drop-off, delivery for the commissary, bicycle parking, bus stop … Within it, the massive base of the building which is characterized by a massive wall, limits this space by rebuilding the current support of the site. The main staircase leading to the site is inserted into the thickness of this wall. This device protects courtyard users from the bustle of the Avenue. The second axis, the Avenue des Préaux, has been set up as a meeting area at 20km / h in order to secure access for schoolchildren in classes 3-6P and children. The third axis connects the first two inside the site via the main staircase which is extended into the existing external staircase in the West Annex.

Rational organization of the program

The base of the new college is occupied by the commissary as well as by the double omnisport hall VD5 and all the premises attached to it. The hall of the sports hall opens on the lower ground floor, completing a “sports playground” in which the sports fields, the long jump track and the existing access to the swimming pool and the hall are inserted. of gymnastics of the West Annex. The upper levels of the new college of grades 7-8P are developing on an east-west orientation, taking over the organization of the existing main college and the western annex. The new classrooms are oriented to the north, communicating with the classes of the existing college while remaining sheltered from the noise inconvenience that the street can provide. The premises hosting activities calling on creativity or ingenuity such as
textile work, drawing or science take place along the south facade of the building, enjoying the view of the lake and the mountains.

Team: Davide Di Capua, Fraçois Salmona, Morgane Houlmann, Fabien Buccino | Consultant: 2m Ingénieurs | Post date: 04/11/2021 | Views: 2.716