Tampere Travel and Service Centre
Architect: COBE
Status: Competition (2014)
Clasification: 1 prize
Visualizer: Luxigon
Scale: 120.000 ㎡ Extralarge
Types: Masterplan, Public space, Station, Transport

Tampere Travel and Service Centre has not only the potential to become a gateway to Tampere and the rest of Finland, but also the potential of becomming a generator for the future development of the urban centre of Tampere. The vision, «ReConnecting Tampere», introduces an intermodal transportation hub in the heart of the city as well as a development plan for uniting the city centre.

By introducing a diverse urban structure that extends from the east to west across the railyard, the project provides a solid and robust foundation for unifying the two sides of Tampere’s city center once and for all.

Competition: Tampere Travel and Service Centre | Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Eik Bjerregaard, Ted Schauman, Maja Halle, Andy Minchev | Collaborator: Lundén Architecture, Rambøll Finland, Newsec | Post date: 02/10/2014 | Views: 5.088