Tree house module
Architect: Anfibio Arquitectos
Client: Young Architects Competitions
Status: Competition (2020)
Clasification: Honour mention
Location: Vibrac, France
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Material: Wood
Environment: Forest
Visualizer: Anfibio
Scale: 65 ㎡ Extrasmall
Types: Cabin, Microarchitecture

A tower stands in the middle of the forest, as if it belongs to that place, with the duality of hiding among the shades of the surrounding nature and being seen for its height.

A walkway marks the way to entry. It is the beginning of an adventure, of taking refuge in a new world.

In ascending, nature is expressed: the sound of running water, the blowing of the wind, the aroma of wet earth.

The reading of a wooden framework that dematerializes towards the top and 4 horizontal layers that express its interior distribution. Upon entry, verticality and darkness frame 10 steps leading to a higher level.

The medieval context is not forgotten under these sensations: a mixture of security and mystery. Ascending to light and discovering each stratum and the expression of each space.

And at the top, the terrace, the total openness to landscape. Silence, intimacy and contemplation describe the setting for those who want to live the experience at the keep.

Competition: Tree house module | Team: Julieta Derdoy, Fidel Moyano | Post date: 24/09/2020 | Views: 3.222