University Island
Architects: Luca Luigi Pirovano, Marco Rota, Mattia Polettini, Luca Pegurri
Client: Young Architects Competitions
Status: Competition (2016)
Location: Venice, Italy
Coordinates: 45.381767, 12.331406
Climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate
Material: Concrete
Environment: Seaside
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Education, University

The project stems from the desire to preserve the island’s identity, maintaining the peculiar presence of uncultivated green and redeveloping existing ruins. At the same time, it was believed necessary to create a space that is strongly characterized by the sense of belonging to a university campus. For this reason, it was decided not to build/add new buildings on the island, but instead to create a strong sign that would include, without affecting the austerity. A circular building incorporates the island into a new reality, redefining the relationship with the world outside. This building, a pointed structure built on three levels, hosts the main functions of the university campus, such as dormitories, dining and study areas, including spaces dedicated to aquatic sports. Moreover, the porous structure, which is obtained through a precise placement of solid volumes, lets the circle acting as a filter between the outside and the inside. Thus, the circle has the function to close the view and invites the viewer to turn her attention inward.

Island: Ruins

The main intervention on the island is about the upgrade of existing ruins. Administrative functions are located in the southernmost buildings, while the re-development of the remaining buildings aims to use them for exhibitions. In the northern part of the island, green is preserved and reorganized, resulting in a widespread park. Finally, the island and the circular building are connected through movable floating platforms.

Level 1: Water sports / harbour

The first level is connected with the water element and hosts a harbour for the direct access to the campus. The volumes serve as warehouse, meeting point and office for water-sports’ management. Moreover, the spaces between the island and the building project are used for sports played in a delimited area.

Level 2: Classrooms / laboratories

The second level hosts all the teaching activities. Classrooms and specialized laboratories allow students to take advantage of equipped and reconfigurable spaces. Therefore, active learning and discovery are considered the main goals of the campus project.

Level 3: Library / rooms

The third level hosts residences and the second floor of the library. Green and permeable spaces are alternated with building volumes and define the usability of the project.

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