University Stadium
Architect: Dome Architecture
Status: Competition (2013)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Pavilion, Refurbishment, Sport, Stadium

The University Stadium is a University of Oporto’s infrastructure, built in the middle of the 50’s that stands presently in a considerably advanced state of degradation. The program of this project consists not only in the reabilitation of old sports’ assets (a rugby pitch, football field, training pitches, tennis courts and two multisport pavilions) but also achieves to implement new features (a headquarter with modern fitness rooms, administration, new sports fields, a hotel and a club house).

The sports’ program proposed, in addiction to the pre-existing program, immediately influences the spaces’ organization and their articulation. Our proposal gives priority to a beneficial solar orientation for the new sport outdoor pitches (NW – SE).

The first stage would consider a renewal of the public space (new parking areas) and the existing sports pavilion. The second stage consists mainly in the construction of a new main building for the club.

In order to avoid saturating the site, we designed it to be between the entrance area and the big pitch, with only two facades. The roof issused as public space, and it’s created a protected lower area around the building, free from the noise of the highways, surrounding the site.

Competition: University Stadium | Team: Hugo Barros, Pedro Bragança | Post date: 18/08/2013 | Views: 3.055