Urban Hiatus
Architect: Eduardo Dugaich
Client: City of Dendermonde
Status: Research
Location: Dendermonde, Belgium
Coordinates: 51.0255, 4.1020
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Material: Undefined
Environments: Urban, Park
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 31.216 ㎡ Large
Types: Intervention, Public space, Urban design

Urban Hiatus is an intervention in an old military barrack. The project is an investigation of space and trespassing experience.

Therefore, shaping the void is of utter importance to create a social habitat.

The punctual interventions are independent, both from each other and from the old building. However, they generate a new shelter for the pre existing construction, which enables new affordances and provides the city with a new public space.

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