VDMA Eindhoven

For the development of the VDMA (Van der Meulen-Ansems) site, the municipality of Eindhoven unanimously opted for the proposal delivered by Being Development, architects OMA and DiederenDirrix, landscape architect DELVA Landscape Architecture / Urbanism, sustainability architect FABRICations and designer collective NUL ZES.

With Join The Stage, the VDMA site in the centre of Eindhoven will transform into a lively urban hub with housing, offices and public space – a true stage for everyone. A unique Brabants city forest forms a heart of nature in the VDMA site with a freely accessible, quiet green public space in the middle of the city.

Balance in diversification

The design, which covers an area of approximately 75,000 square meters, uses a sustainable and inclusive program as the starting point, resulting in a diverse and balanced design for living, working and inspiring.

Five new, sustainable buildings enter into a dialogue with four valuable existing buildings from the Zusterflat, Luciferfabriek, Garage on Vestdijk and the driver’s house on Raiffeisenstraat. This creates a complementary mix between small, medium and large buildings at the urban level. The proposal acts as a perfect transition between the city centre, station area and surrounding residential areas.

The proposed design creates urban living for as many different target groups as possible in addition to an inspiring working environment. VDMA adds a wide range of high-quality, climate-adaptive and accessible green spaces to the existing urban development network of Eindhoven. The concept is aimed at creating recognizable and characteristic places that bring people and nature together in an urban environment with generous room for all life. Sustainability and circularity are at the heart of every design decision, which is optimised by the proposal of a closed ecosystem that forms the foundations of VDMA’s new green future.

Brabant City Forest

The design for the VDMA site in the centre of Eindhoven includes a unique city forest that covers one third of the site. The large Brabant City Forest turns VDMA into an ecological hotspot that, together with the green structures along the Dommel, form a large ecological network and have a profound impact for the region.

The Brabants City Forest is a carefully planted forest that will grow into an iconic piece of mature urban nature with special ecological and social functions.

Brabant City Forest not only brings the experience of nature to the city, but also strengthens biodiversity, increases the capacity of water storage, reduces heat stress, improves air quality and has a positive effect on the physical and mental health of its residents and visitors alike.

This native forest of around 3,800 m2 is not only a space for people to be educated, meet and relax but also an attractive place for insects, reptiles, birds and small mammals,. The city forest has a wet and a dry part, based on the two characteristic forest types in Brabant.

The Loop

The Loop is first and foremost a recognizable and publicly accessible route that connects all parts of the plan. The Loop contributes to the liveliness and dynamism of the area by connecting residents, visitors and users with each other, the buildings, the forest and the sports roofs. Furthermore, the Loop also functions as an integrally designed chain that links ecology, health, renewable resources and residual flows.

The new city square

As an extension of The Loop, Entreeplein (Entrance Square) is located on Vestdijk. The square is an expansion of the VDMA research laboratory where ideas of the future are explored and experienced. Design here is approached in the broadest sense of the word with the aim of questioning, activating, inspiring and educating.

The Eindhoven layer

The Eindhovense Laag is an interactive and vibrant elevated public space facilitating street sports, an outdoor gym, a climbing wall and a rooftop cinema. This layer has a key role in contributing to a healthy and active lifestyle for residence and visitors alike.

Best Plan

In February 2018, the Municipality of Eindhoven announced its ambitions for redevelopment on Vestdijk and Raiffeissenstraat. From 24 teams that submitted a vision, the three remaining parties presented a detailed plan last September. These proposals were assessed on the basis three key criteria; program, sustainability and inclusiveness (20% social housing). In the end, the above-mentioned plan was recommended by the selection committee as the best rated by the mayor and aldermen.

Team: DELVA (Steven Delva, Tomas Degenaar, Thomas Wolfs, Roy Damen, Florence Yserbyt) | Post date: 27/11/2019 | Views: 3.440