Wald family
Architect: Aixopluc
Status: Research
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Small
Types: Housing, Residential

Aixoplucs is about making lasting, reversible, ambulant, biodegradable, self-built shelters, in collaboration with manufacturers from all over, using their local resources (techniques, tools and materials), producing no waste and no packaging.

Wald is the german word for forest. Prefab villages for abandoned camping sites and other lost locations.

An open system meant to build a whole fabricated + self-build community, where neighbors assemble their own dwellings. This is a rambling family, it can settle wherever these kind of panels are made. The first installment will be placed in an abandoned mediterranean camping. Its empty trailers and mobile homes will be used for communal purposes. A new off-the-grid community.

Collaborator: Carlos Gonzalvo, Ricard Pau | Model maker: Rels Bolígraf del Pallars | Post date: 15/09/2014 | Views: 1.942