Wien Museum Neu is a selected competition entry by BOARD for Wien Museum in 2015. It is located in Vienna Austria in an urban setting. Its scale is large with a surface of 11.000 sqm. Review the 5 proposals for the same competition.

The currently existing pavilions on Vienna’s Karlsplatz enrich and activate the square already. This quality we wanted to use and thus added additional pavilions. Accordingly, the extension of the Wien Museum that we proposed above-ground will consist of pavilions. Additional exhibition spaces underground will be illuminated through skylights.

Intimacy and Urbanity

The museum’s current entrance remains the main entrance of the extended museum. With the four new partially transparent and translucent Museum pavilions with cafes, café terraces and spaces for exhibitions, an attractive and open museum forecourt is created that fits into the surrounding landscape of the square. While a noise protection to the Lothringerstraße is formed, an urban but intimate space is created.

Openness and Framing

All the new pavilions that we proposed for the Karlsplatz emphasize the openness of the square to the north side and its cultural buildings. Thus, the clear framing of the north side is deliberately interrupted. Nevertheless, the forecourt of the Karlskirche will be framed to a certain extent by the new museum pavilions. 

Arena and 3-Storey Foyer

To connect the new exhibition spaces in the basement generously to the existing museum, to exploit the potential of its atrium and optimize the basement in general, we propose an event space in the form of an arena with an ascending seating. To reach the new exhibition spaces, this arena as well as the enlarged foyer needs to be crossed.

Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions

All exhibition rooms are divided in two areas: horizontally organized special exhibitions in the basement under the square and vertically organized permanent exhibitions throughout the existing museum. Administration and workshops are as well located in the existing building, whose exterior facades remain unchanged and whose staircase will be moved into the new building.

Vienna-room and Address Formation

The Vienna-room is a flexible space that is publicly accessible from the square and has a coffee bar on the upper floor. The Vienna-room has additionally a roof terrace that is located above the surrounding trees overlooking the square and the city. Due to its height and location, the pavilion of the Vienna-room will provide a visible address to the Wien Museum.

1689-BOA-VIE.AT-2015 — Posted in 2016 — Explore more projects on cultural and museum — Climate: continental and temperate — Coordinates: 48.199059, 16.372624 — Team: Bernd Upmeyer, Katerina Petrocheilou, Albert Sánchez Perarnau — Views: 3.918