Wien Museum Neu
Architect: Gabriele Boretti
Client: Wien Museum
Status: Competition (2015)
Location: Vienna, Austria
Coordinates: 48.199059, 16.372624
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Stone
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Cultural, Museum

The project for the extension of the museum is based on a very clear concept: to grant the complete fruition of the park without compromising it with a new construction in front of the existing one. For this reason the new extension has been agreed to be in hypogeum. This choice has generated a new awareness of the museum existing building and has preserved the spatial situation of the park, without compromising the complete fruition of it.

Similarly, even the concept for the architectural developement of the extension is based on the willness to generate a total and pervious spatiality of the exhibition space and, consequently, of the surroundings.
To tackle this issue it was decided to built a structure that could support such a wide light. A series of concrete beams, defined and revived for both floors, creates the framework and the spatial regulation of every ambient.

This solution do allows that even at the access floor -1 the various ambients are permeated and create a single fluide space. Their identification is based on a difference in the majolica paving that reinterprets Josef Hoffmannís draws. Everything follows the rule dictated by the beams: services and management spaces are included within closed blocks created between the beams. All the others spatial separations are created by light glass frames.

In the project a vertical interpenetration of the ambients also occurres, made-up by the skylight of the covering square that lead the light directly to the -1 and -2 floors through some connective patios between -1 and -2.
Last theme is that of the light. Asides from the skylights (that follow on the main lenght the space between two beams and on the secondary one/other lenght the width of the windows of the existing building), the exhibition space is illuminated in general by a glass countertop that conceal the artificial lighting and specificly by some spotlights positioned on the tracks.

As a result, this project respects the existing context and becomes manifest in two ways: through the contrapositive basement that defines an anthropic space within the park and through the patio accessing the main front.

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