• A way to say goodbye

  • 0076-FAL-OPO.PT-2011
  • by Fala

It was request a space of silence and peace, a place which was intended to represent a farewell and longing but who found itself lost in an uncharacteristic and aimless area. The given program was small in such a vast place. In a new concrete body were dispersed the functions within a wall that embraced the woods. The argument was isolation: the building/ stone/ wall remains with the durability and strength of its thickness and weight. Within caves and niches, different spaces comport various functions.

Composed with elements of several allusions it is built into the rock digging narratives in independent chambers. Each space stands on its own shape and can be anything you want – the union is in the courtyard that you see as the oasis surrounded by the cloister of concrete. Various references build a thread of something that is desired new and contemporary. This rock responds to the environment, the program and the ideas of sacred and profane.


architect: Fala  |  team: Filipe Magalhaes, Ana Luisa Soares  |  status: Competition (2011)  |  clasification: 1 rang  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: medium  |  types: cemetery, religious  |  views: 4.184