AP-7 Hotel
Architects: Javi Barriuso Domingo, Victor Lacima
Client: Private
Status: Project (2021) On going
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Coordinates: 41.622461, 2.364196
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Material: Concrete
Environment: Industrial
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 2.700 ㎡ Medium
Types: Hotel, Residential

The project is shaped through an essential and clear gesture, the creation of a round enclosure. The circular enclosure defines an interior space while creating a continuous exterior shell. With its clear round shape, the hotel is an autonomous building able to cope with the heterogeneous surroundings. Its lack of frontality doesn’t highlight any particular relationship with the nearby surroundings as no road alignment, no urban structure or no urban fabric is significant enough to shape a building that is far bigger than some parts of the landscape and far smaller than some others.

Therefore it aims to integrate in the landscape in a different manner, that is, establishing a relationship with the large elements of the landscape, the ones that truly shape the territory and not the fragments that rather dismember it. The vision is to create a strong autonomous building that is part of a natural system that stretches along the torrent all the way to the Besòs river and along the water purification plant’s forest all the way to la Roca del Vallès. Given its location near the highway junction and along some major roads, the hotel is a building that is going to be perceived in movement. Its round shape echoes the movement of the cars along those roads and the curves of the infrastructure . The facade, composed of straight green panels mounted one on top of each other, captures the shadows from the continuously moving sunlight, creating a suggestive and attractive always changing appearance.

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