Atrium is a thrid prize competition entry by AMAA and Demogo developed in 2022. It is located in Rome Italy in a countryside setting. Its scale is large with a surface of 40.000 sqm. Key materials are concrete and metal. Filippo Bolognese collaborated as visualizer.

The roof of the new Central Stadium evokes the geometry of the atrium of a colossal Roman domus. The articulated structure of the stands, enveloped by an annular façade that redefines the elevations, is in fact covered by a pitched metal roof with a rectangular court ground footprint, measuring 117×71 m. This is supported by eight large reinforced concrete pylons inside which the stairs and vertical connections are housed. The pylons in turn rest on a 3.59 m high basement body, also rectangular in shape, whose new construction meets various functional and compositional requirements.

3128-AAA-ROM.IT-2022 — Posted in 2023 — Explore more projects on sport and stadium — Climate: temperate and mediterranean — Coordinates: 41.9844137, 12.3997576 — Team: Rigon Simonetti, Simone Agosta del Forte, Davide Bertin, Serena Bolzan, Eva De Sabbata, Francesca Fasiol, Eleonora Folli, Federico Napolitano, Elena Pellizzer, Fabio Tossuti — Consultant: Faces Engineering, Sinergo, CZstudio, Studio Ey, Francesca Vinci, Alberto Muffato — Views: 1.008