Bauhaus Museum Dessau
Architect: Jorge Vidal
Client: Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
Status: Competition (2015)
Location: Dessau-Roßlau, Germany
Coordinates: 51.834409, 12.242161
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Materials: Concrete, Glass
Environments: Park, Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Cultural, Museum

We understand the garden space as the element that structures the urban complex, an element that brings nature back to the city. With that in mind, the reorganization is focused on generating the maximum green space. It generates an urban floor to link the different streets with the accesses of the building.

The building is understood as a continuous series of voids related to various programs that can be added in vertical.

Looking for the social economy and the civilization of the social functions; considering the integration of the public spaces in the urban network, thanks to the permeable ground floor.

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