Bogota Centro is a proposal by Carlos Arnaiz Architects developed in 2014. It is located in Bogotá Colombia in an industrial and urban setting. Its scale is extralarge with a surface of 720.000 sqm.

The largest single urban intervention to date in Bogotá, this master plan has the potential to reimagine the way Bogotanos relate to their city. The 72hectare site revisits the idea of compactness and diversity in the city through the creation of districts within a network of intermediate public parks, each with its own family of mixedused buildings that in turn define shared private open spaces.

Informed by typological research into existing forms of collective housing in Colombia and an analysis of the street grids of the surrounding neighborhoods, the master plan proposes a framework for action. The design acknowledges the reality of Bogotá as a shifting urban territory and proposes a finely articulated spatial strategy of built and unbuilt zones that enables growth and development.

2182-CAZ-BOG.CO-2014 — Posted in 2018 — Explore more projects on masterplan and public space — Climate: oceanic / maritime and temperate — Coordinates: 4.63825,-74.1349665 — Team: Carlos Arnaiz, Laura del Pino — Views: 4.403