Skogfinsk Museum is a proposal by NOMO Studio promoted by The National Association of Norwegian Architects in 2018. It is located in Svullrya Norway in a riverside and forest setting. Its scale is medium with a surface of 2.270 sqm. Key material is wood. Review the other 7 proposals from the same competition.

The proposal for the Forest Finns Museum draws inspiration from Forest Finn culture itself while highlights and strengthens its unique, material based craftsmanship and architecture. Due to the building’s divided volumes and functions, the sloping ceilings and the wood as the main material, the new museum bear resemblances to the traditional houses and also could be perceived as a small village. Beyond the shared architectural similarities, the building refers to the birch bark craftwork of the Forest Finns as its volumes interweaving into each other. By the weaving design several courtyards have been created where trees – one of the most relevant resources of the Forest Finns – are highlighted.

The patios are planted with these trees as a symbolical gesture to remind us the importance of the forest while walking around in the building. The courtyards also function as a gathering place and an outdoor cafe. Furthermore, the weaving design provides the opportunity to build the museum in different stages and in several directions without disrupting the whole as craft that can begin one day and end another. The design of the Forest Finns Museum can attract attention and arouse curiosity without being out of place; due to the sloping ceiling and the wooden facade the building is well integrated both in scale, shape and material.

2181-NOM-NO-2018 — Posted in 2018 — Explore more projects on cultural and museum — Climate: cold and artic / polar — Coordinates: 60.417260, 12.399540 — Team: Alicia Casals, Karl Johan Nyqvist, Jennifer Mendez, Mira Botseva, Martyna Skowron, Mihaela Ikonomova, Fruzsina Csala — Views: 5.394