Bokskogen Visitor Center
Architect: Robert Janson
Status: Project (2014)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Small
Types: Cultural, Interpretation center

Placing a building with a strong aesthetic in the woodlands of Bokskogen clearly communicates what is man made and what is not. The two counterparts, the building and the forest, create a stark contrast and emphasises on the qualities of Bokskogen and it’s remarkable woodland. The building diverters your focus towards the forest and makes you aware of your surroundings.

The buildings program is arranged around a central courtyard and it consists of a large exhibition space that can be divided in several smaller spaces, restaurant, auditorium, reception, office space for the staff and an enclosed storage space that also can house conferences and smaller exhibitions.

The buildings inside reflects the organic shapes of the forest with it’s lingering paths and the building envelop creates a distinct contrast to the surrounding landscape.

Post date: 19/12/2014 | Views: 2.282