Bosonit Technological Center is a proposal by Kengo Kuma and associates and Javier Villar Ruiz promoted by Bosonit in 2020-2023. It is located in Logroño Spain in an old town setting. Its scale is medium with a surface of 5.500 sqm. Key materials are brick, glass and metal. Play-Time collaborated as visualizer.

A project that will transform the until now abandoned site into a 5.500m2 high performance center with all open spaces, both on ground and roofs, conceived as accessible gardens, including a rooftop restaurant and a panoramic terrace. Most of these spaces are accessible to the public through a vertical stair promenade that connects the street with all levels within the building.

This allows the project to become part of the Way of St James that precisely arrives into the city, crossing the Ebro river, just few meters away from the site, welcoming the pilgrims and inviting them to go up to the roofs from where to observe the way just left behind and discover from above the city of Logroño.

The natural stone traditionally used for centuries in Logroño’s historical center is used in the project’s street side facades, protecting the street view from the very contemporary activities that will happen within. The intricate detailing of these textured stone facades aims to bring down the scale of the project, bringing it closer to the human scale. On the other hand, the facades towards the interior of the site fully open towards the patio. Vertical metal louvers protect the facade from the afternoon sun. This dichotomy between the two facades recalls the dialogue between Logrono’s two most representative bridges, the Stone Bridge and the Iron Bridge, both built in the same epoque but with totally contrasted historical attitudes.

The building itself will host more than 500 work stations for Bosonit and NWorld, a multipurpose hall, 28 residences for trainees, teaching facilities, an innovation lab, a cafeteria and one rooftop restaurant. A centuries old wine cellar existing in the underground will be restored and put into display so it can be contemplated from the street.

All these activities happening within the project will revitalize the now decadent neighborhood hopefully bringing it back to become part of the vibrant city center of Logroño.

3003-KKA-ES-2020.23 — Posted in 2023 — Explore more projects on cultural cultural center education and research center — Climate: continental and temperate — Coordinates: 42.468325, -2.443580 — Team: Kengo Kuma & Associates, Javier Villar Ruiz, Jaime Fernandez Calvache, Gorka Beitia-Zarandona, David Minton Albero, Nadia Kueny, Fumiki Sugawara — Consultant: Imel, Inarq, Osaba Iluminación, Encofra Belme — Partner: Arquitectura Dobato Lozano — Structural engineer: Other Structures — Landscape: EMF — Views: 2.156