Proposal for transforming an abandoned heating plant in Sofia, Bulgaria into a new Centre for Contemporary Art and Culture aims to preserve the architecture characteristics of the old building and enhance its qualities in order to fulfil its new purpose. A new performing skin, which will allow for all types of events, is added. Thus, the new culture centre will be able to host events which require black – out darkness and strict acoustic insulation or complete openness where indoor and outdoor merge into a large urban plaza. The space is a blank wall, inviting “popup” events and improvised creativity.

A light-arrow-shaped-structure hovers over the entrance plaza as a graffiti in the air functioning as a billboard visible from the city, an entrance canopy, a screen for outdoor-cinema, announcements, etc. The materials that are used are prominent for the city’s urban landscape. The green face of Sofia is reflected by the use of grass-block paving and soft materials such as wood. Graffiti are preserved as relevant symbols.

The new CCAC possesses transgressive and dynamic spirit and is envisioned as a radically flexible apparatus that encourages creativity on all levels for all people.

Team: Karl Johan Nyqvist, Alicia Casals, Donka Dimitrova, Mira Botseva, Jennifer Méndez | Post date: 07/09/2018 | Views: 3.382