Centre scolaire à Bagnes
Architect: [A+M]2 architects
Clients: Canton of Valais, Commune de Bagnes
Status: Competition (2013)
Location: Bagnes, Switzerland
Coordinates: 46.078216, 7.212817
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Material: Concrete
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Education, School

The new Primary School and Kindergarten in the small city of Bagnes, Canton of Valais (CH)is a really simple project of two volumes, one facing the main street and the other one surrounded by nature. The goal was to have small-scale buildings, as the ones that compose the tissue of the small town: in this sense a huge building could have broken the harmony of an incredible place. In order to avoid the out-of-scale effect the gym is located underground, as a basement for the other buildings.

Their shape represents a new way to express the typical Swiss architecture; a more abstract solution, which is able to react to the heterogeneous context. Wood and brushed concrete are the mainly used materials as shown on the view of the small library. There, a huge window integrated within the bookshelves expresses the philosophy of our practice, where architecture, structure and furniture are always related one to the other.

Competition: Centre scolaire à Bagnes | Collaborator: Roberto Brichese, Martino De Rossi, Maria Vittoria Porro, Isabella Tenti, Michele Venturini | Post date: 30/10/2015 | Views: 3.750