Reinventar Mostoles Centro is a proposal by Knitknot and Gonzalo J. Lopez promoted by COAM in 2015. It is located in Mostoles Spain in an urban setting. Its scale is extralarge.

We propose a working method that brings together neighbors, municipality, professionals and companies in an organic process of reinventing the Central Area of Móstoles. Instead of posing a Master Plan of enclosed design, the method presented here is based on the direct involvement of neighboring communities from day one.

Thus, it is intended to provide not only the presence but give full power of decision and action to the communities, homeowners associations and cooperatives in the process of urban renewal.

How do we achieve it?

Collective value

The method makes sense when covering collective values where the actions improve the situation of the residents and not just an individual, company or institution. Bottom>>Up>>Bottom : A feedback process between citizens and the administration, with a professional team as a mediator. The process can not be initiated exclusively by the administration, or by the citizens, but the encounter of both. Open development : The process will evolve throughout its implementation, taking into account the different outcomes of actions used and how they can change the future.

Who takes part in the process?

Neighboring Communities, Administration, Professionals, Partner companies.

How do we organize it?

The structure of the working method is based on a series of Meetings/Workshop to present, discuss and set the foundation for a series of actions that will take place over time, in order to generate a gradual process of renewal. As a first step, a meeting/workshop will be held with all those involved in the process: Neighboring Communities, Administration, Professionals, Partner companies in which the working method and how to carry it out will be explained, as well as the degree of involvement of different agents involved. This first contact aims to give enough information so that each party is clear about their role in the process and directly address the first of the actions.

Action 01: Future development? Opportunity now!

Following common initiatives in Northern Europe, we propose the active uses of sites and buildings that are waiting to begin the construction phase of future developments (listed from the administration as «AOS»). It will constitute a space for young artists, start-up business or small local shops. The City will provide these spaces at a very low rent, given their status as temporary use, receiving a modest income but intensely activating the area with commerce and culture.

It constitutes a small initial investment by the City Council and the neighbors, which will lead to benefits for both parties, to the administration through the rental of spaces that would otherwise be empty and unused, and to the neighbors through local trade and cultural activities.

Action 02: Let´s occupy empty lots!

Following the first action, we propose to convert current empty lots in urban orchards, with public facilities.
These orchards will be managed by the Community of neighbors and the City, using for its initial investment the revenues collected in Action 01.

A lottery system will assign the orchards, and the neighbor will use it for a period of two years, being responsible for its maintenance and expenses. The City will provide water for watering.

Next to the gardens, some establishments initiated in Action 01 will move to these areas, in a more permanent basis, in a series of kiosks that the City will install and for which will collect rent.

Action 03: Is that my house?

In the medium term, a renewal of existing facades that do not meet the current energy policy is proposed. It is therefore important the interaction between the partner companies and the community of neighbors of each building, having a team of professionals managing the project and mediating communication.

The proposal is to generate a facade system that is installed as a scaffold, so that the modules are prefabricated and brought the building to be installed. With this system, of very fast application, we avoid the relocation of the neighbors.

Action 04: See you at the elevator!

Along with the renovation of the facades, an analysis of residential buildings that need a lift will be held, as well as a feasibility study for pooling certain private infrastructures.

Again, is fundamental the interaction of partner companies with the Community of neighbors, through the Professional Team. Also, not only is analyzed and try to solve a specific element such as an elevator or a boiler, but the impact that these elements may have in the community or in the street.

Is it possible for an elevator to become a place where neighbors meet? Can an elevator, placed in the street, serve several blocks while generating business around? Can we create a public space following the installation of a joint boiler?

Action 05: We’re here to stay!

What happens when the future developments (AOS) are built? In the long term, it is proposed to generate a compromise between the administration and the neighbors to ensure the presence in the new AOS of commercial activity that has been developed in previous actions, through the maintenance of low-rent commercial spaces to be created in the new developments.

Thus, through the neighbors, a seamless integration of new projects would be achieved in the neighborhood, in addition to strengthening local businesses and generate activity in public spaces designed in the AOS.

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