CR House
Architect: Bxd Arquitectura
Client: Private
Status: Project
Location: Llívia, Spain
Climate: Temperate, Oceanic / maritime
Material: Wood
Environment: Forest
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 180 ㎡ Small
Types: House, Residential

The house is located on a property within the Catalan Pyrenees, close to the municipality of Llívia. The land is characterised by its steep incline. It is divided at the lower level by a ditch and at the upper level by the street that goes to the village. Both borders lie in forested areas, which encompass the whole plot of land.

The client, a renowned furniture designer, requested a home and refuge that respects and enhances the existing environment. A lightweight construction was proposed for the project. It consists of a structure of eight laminated wood porticoes with a three metre separation between them, which generate clearly differentiated spaces for use. The pillar structure rests on the ground, adapting to the conditions of the current topography.

The privileged position of the house allows the south-facing façade to become a viewpoint of the landscape. The north façade, on the other hand, is completely closed off to guarantee maximum privacy. The slanted roof imitates the slope of the land and sits above the two opposing walls featuring windows that provide a double view from inside, connecting the forest with the landscape of the valley. The construction system, totally modular and almost totally in wood, permits an honest, precise construction with a low environmental impact.

Team: Francesc Buixeda, Maria Barcina, Meritxell Ferrando | Consultant: Albert Admetlla (Enginyeria de Fusta, S.L.) | Post date: 26/05/2023 | Views: 1.246