Am Stram Gram
Architect: Melaine Ferré Architecture
Client: Unknown
Status: Competition (2023)
Location: Ayent, Switzerland
Coordinates: 46.2774223, 7.4062136
Climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate
Materials: Vegetal, Wood
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: BVLP
Budget: 130000.000 €
Scale: 4.399 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 29.552,17 €/㎡
Types: Education, School

Botyre, located on the hillside, is one of the terraced villages in Ayent that provides stunning views of the Alps. As a result, the school group enjoys a privileged position, fostering a special connection between the children and the landscape, opening their minds to the world.

The design of the school incorporates multiple layers and levels, integrating various facilities such as the UAPE, school canteen, and new sports equipment. This approach not only addresses issues related to pedestrian flow by offering distinct access points but also creates seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The landscaping of the site embraces a playful and sensitive approach, utilizing the site’s topography and introducing greenery to establish a continuous flow between the upper and lower courtyards. This promotes smooth connections between different areas.

Environmental sustainability and resilience against seismic activity are integral considerations for this project. Therefore, a sustainable approach is proposed, prioritizing locally sourced recycled materials with a low carbon footprint. The use of a cross-laminated timber (CLT) structure exemplifies this commitment to environmentally conscious construction.

Consultant: BAP + PINI Group | Post date: 25/05/2023 | Views: 2.162