De la Tierra al Cielo
Architect: Juan Pablo Guerra Melo
Client: Unknown
Status: Research
Location: Undefined
Climate: Undefined
Material: Concrete
Environment: Undefined
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 4.000 ㎡ Medium
Types: Cultural, Interpretation center

“De la Tierra al Cielo” which translates to From the Ground to the Sky is a personal unbuilt project that seeks to make use of the useless as a criticism of typically functional architecture. Where currently most architectural projects focus on solving a fixed program, this one seeks to solve the spaces that no client asks for: The spaces without function. The only function these spaces have is to do nothing. In nothingness is where we as humans discover the most.

This place is design just to exist, it exists for one to be immerse in, to touch it and relate to it, to remember and to discover. All of this is achieved with the help of various pieces of fine art, highlighting the painting “Zona Epipelágica #3” by Estudio Tepichin, which complements the space in character and emotion. All of the spaces seek for horizontal as well for a vertical connection between the ground and the sky. It’s dramatic in scale and expression, but at the same time it’s quiet and humble.

Consultant: Valeria María López Tepichin | Post date: 04/12/2020 | Views: 4.851