Deutzer Hafen is a proposal by COBE for Stadt Köln and Moderne Stadt in 2016. It is located in Cologne Germany in an industrial, riverside and urban setting. Its scale is extralarge with a surface of 240.000 sqm. Luxigon collaborated as visualizer.

Deutzer Hafen is an old industrial habour area in Cologne, located south of the city center. The project transforms the former harbour into a lively and sustainable neighbourhood with a huge waterfall and public swimming pool as a new landmark. The pool collects rainwater and waste heat from the district, solving a serious problem of flooding from the Rhine River, while simultaneously creating a new unique attraction in the city.

The project consists of new housing typologies integrated among the industrial cultural heritage preserved on the site, providing homes for 5,000 inhabitants and workspaces for another 4,500. In addition, a new bicycle bridge over the Rhine River connects the neighbourhood directly to Cologne’s city centre.

1919-COB-CGN.DE-2016 — Posted in 2017 — Explore more projects on masterplan public space refurbishment urban design and waterfront — Climate: temperate and oceanic / maritime — Coordinates: 50.919710, 6.981476 — Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Mads Birgens, Caroline Nagel, Ole Storjohann, Karoline Liedtke, Alexander Forsch, Jannis Bruns, Alberte Danvig, Tamara Kalanajevska, Melissa Svendson — Collaborator: Rambøll Studio Dreiseitl, Transsolar — Views: 7.919