DPG Media Headquarters in Amsterdam
Architects: DELVA Landscape Architects, Team V, Arup, DGMR, Skaal, SmitsRinsma, Thonik
Client: Being Development
Status: Project (2020) On going (2021)
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Climate: Oceanic / maritime
Materials: Glass, Wood
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Proloog
Scale: 46.000 ㎡ Large
Types: Headquarters, Institutional

With its new Dutch headquarters, DPG Media is creating a communications hub at Amstel Business Park South. In addition to editorial offices and recording studios, the building will include test labs, meeting rooms, restaurants and an event venue with a terrace facing the docks. The new building will be constructed on the existing car park adjacent to the printing house of the media company, so that all Dutch publications, radio stations and online media of DPG Media will work together under one roof.

A healthy and sustainable office building

With ample daylight, multiple green areas throughout the building and sufficient space for both creative interaction and individual concentration, the building design focuses strongly on creating a sustainable, healthy work environment. The primary construction, including the columns and ceilings, is of glulam timber. Architect Do Janne Vermeulen: “It’s been fantastic to have the opportunity to design this sustainable hub for DPG Media. A versatile office headquarters building with a soft, fluent architecture that introduces a sustainable, green, post-industrial architectural language to the raw and developing context. Ambitious in program, scale and architecture, with an innovative timber construction.”

Pioneering in a developing city district

In the coming years, Amstel Business Park Zuid will gradually transform from a traditional business park into a mixed urban area called Werkstad Overamstel – with more space for work and facilities such as a hotel and catering. DPG Media’s head office brings some new and appealing destinations to the area and sets an example for future developments. The building is composed of three connected elements which sit on a continuous plinth of green roof terraces. Ceramic panels which wrap the façade are locally produced. These turquoise-tinted tiles of varying relief shimmer modestly, giving the building a distinct character. The soft building contours, tinted ceramics and green terraces introduce a new, post-industrial language to the raw context of the area.


The design of the landscape and the outdoor space has a strong focus on nature inclusion and is characterised by the many green roofs and terraces with beautiful round planting features. In this healthy and nature-inclusive working environment, synergy between different users, functions and activities is central. The green spaces in, on and around the building play a connecting role and ensure that the people working in the office come into contact with each other and the outside world. Steven Delva, director of DELVA landscape architecture / urbanism: “It is special that we are given the space from DPG Media to draw up a plan within this assignment where nature and technology meet, which forms the basis for a unique work and residential area. The building and the landscape are inextricably linked, setting the tone for the further development of Amsterdam Overamstel. “

The building is surrounded by a green veil with plants and trees that connect the ground level with the roof terraces and the building. On the second floor, two roof terraces have been designed that give the users the space to stay outside, in the green. Surrounded by the greenery in the balustrade, round ceramic elements with plants and trees create an intimate place to stay on the large roof terrace on the water side. The roof terrace offers space for more than 230 people and is therefore not only a great place for a lunch or telephone conversation, but also for a large party.

At ground level, the same round elements are used that reinforce the relationship between ground level and roofs. The planting around and on the building will be diverse with leafy plant borders and more sun-loving plants on the roof terraces. The waterfront will be transformed into a enjoyable place to stay with a pleasant residential quality and plenty of biodiversity. This creates an inseparable connection between the quay and the places to stay on the square. The new DPG Media office is being developed by Being. DPG Media is expected to take the new office into use in 2023. Construction is scheduled to start in early 2021.

Team: DELVA (Steven Delva, Sander van den Bosch, Chaitrali Salvi, Lesley Thoen) | Post date: 20/10/2022 | Views: 1.427