Architect: MenoMenoPiu Architects
Status: Competition (2014)
Visualizer: +imgs
Scale: Medium
Types: Hotel, Residential

Just like the other European capitals such as Rome, Venice, or Barcelona, Paris risks to become a city museum. The increase of tourists in the French Capital causes panic and also leads to a gradual decentralization from the Parisians.

Paris has the largest concentration in m² of museums in the world, nearly 120 museums in total, with many urban areas which tend to be transformed into living conservatories.

This makes the city susceptible to become an architectural “outdoor” museum. The continued growth of tourist attractions therefore risks making everyday life less interesting for local residents.

In order to meet the needs of short-term housing for tourists, we decided to make further use of the banks of the Seine river, for example the Banks of Saint-Augustin.

Inspired by the structure and shape of the booksellers along the river and the cabin hotels in Japan, we propose to use a similar system in the spaces of great cultural attraction, hoping to reduce the decentralization of the citizens of Paris.

Our proposal is made up of a series of cabins that will be installed on platforms in relation to the Seine and the Cathedral of Notre-Dame.

To fully integrate oneself into the site and to have the lowest visual impact in places of such cultural importance, the cabins will be serviced by a secure corridor along the banks that will be accessible only by the users.

These temporary structures can be operated by residents as well as by the citizens.

Team: Rocco Valantines, Mario Emanuele Salini, Alessandro Balducci, Giampaolo Fondi, Pietro Bodria, Giovanni Sandrini, Alexandra Baldwin, Silvia Spagnoletta, Joanna Walczak | Post date: 12/12/2014 | Views: 4.072