El Ciclo Habitacional
Architect: Cierto Estudio
Client: Solvia Immobiliaria
Status: Competition (2014)
Location: Undefined
Climate: Undefined
Material: Undefined
Environment: Undefined
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Housing, Residential

“Let us take the image of a fabric such as that constituted by warp and weft. You could say that the warp establishes the basic ordering of the fabric, and in doing so creates the opportunity to achieve the greatest possible variety and colourfulness with the weft(…) Warp and weft make up an indivisible whole, the one cannot exist without the other.” Lessons For Students In Architecture. H.Hertzberger

Today’s housing should be able to change according to our needs in a reversible and simple way.

Our proposal offers an alternative housing concept that is capable of giving a more immediate answer to our continuous changeable needs: “I don’t want a new apartment, only an extra room”.

A homogeneous and seemingly rigid grid layout, that systematically assembles the rooms in swastika, provides a flexible framework for different possibilities of inhabitation. Modular flexible walls that contain storage and technical programs organize and divide the rooms. The household is segregated and turned into a collection of non-hierarchical spaces. The result is an adaptable house that grows and decreases with the owner, allowing to add or remove rooms according to the cycle of life of the inhabitant.

This flexibility is focused in three main points: the possibility of moving and transforming sanitary and kitchen units-“I wish I could have a bigger kitchen»-the ambiguity of the rooms-«I would need to have a studio in the living room” and the ability of adding and removing rooms of our house during our cycle of life-“I wish I could have an extra room so my son and my daughter-in-law can visit us at weekends”—

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