Europan 13 : Streefkerk
Architect: Studio Sava
Client: Europan
Status: Competition (2015)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Streefkerk, Netherlands
Coordinates: 51.902011, 4.7603022
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Material: Undefined
Environment: Countryside
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Extralarge
Types: Masterplan, Public space

The consequence of the dike rising imply an artificial divorce of the urban quality of the city created by the connection to the road and the rural quality of the polder territory. To adapt the project to this situation, we conceptually split into two parts the volume of the typical local Dutch house. The top part is lift and provides a new covered, open and shared space located in between the two original floor which remain the traditional intimate and private space. This space is in-between the air and the ground, top and bottom, the public and the domestic life. It’s an open field of possibilities both for the inhabitants and for the development of the city. The use of the pillars and the jacking system is treated as an advantage.

They are extended up until the level of the road, which turns them into a skeleton combine with a central axis that provides its structural and energy core. It is a spine that runs from the floor to the roof to capture natural power from the sun, wind and rainwater. The slab of the in-between is used to connect several houses and locally distribute and share harvested resources.

The union of individual houses in a network is a way to be sustainably futureproof. The design of this case study house aims to accommodate various ways of living in synchronicity with the earth, the street, the water and the air. We stem the project from a typological proposal, with which we aim to create a resonance on a larger, territorial scale.

Team: Marie Saladin, Marion Vassent-Garaud | Post date: 22/03/2016 | Views: 3.265