Europan 15: Täby
Architects: SET Architects, Andrea Di Renzo
Clients: Europan, Municipality of Täby
Status: Competition (2019)
Clasification: 2 prize
Location: Täby, Sweden
Coordinates: 59.433333, 18.083333
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Undefined
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 3.000.000 ㎡ Extralarge
Types: Masterplan, Public space

“Living Proximities” proposes an urban model on a human scale where the distinct and separated elements within the territory of Arninge-Ullna are connected and rethought in a single macro-system. Envisioning a city in which contemporary living, productivity and wilderness coexist together, offering a stimulating variety of services and experiences, both for residents and visitors. A city in which relationships are more important than the single elements and where the line between production, labour and inhabit is blurred. “Living Proximities” envision livable and productive place where everything is at hand.

Our proposal for the urban development of Arninge-Ullna, Located in Täby’s north-eastern part, is meant to re-think the traditional city, offering a proposal of an environmental device, at a territorial scale, where natural and artificial areas are coexisting in a macro-system. According to this new vision, built spaces are connected together and the complex system of infrastructures, green areas, buildings and public spaces are organized in a flexible and resilient model, adaptable in time to environmental, social and economic transformations. The projects site masterplan called “Forest District” pictures the goal towards a new urban implant surrounded by nature. The renewed Arninge-Ullna will now be able to offer people a variety of facilities and activities completely missing so far. This urban strategy will, therefore, take into account the main and original productive identity of the area. It will provide a more contemporary life model, consisting of new job opportunities, flexible and dynamic spaces where people will be having the possibility to work and live, in a healthy, relationship-oriented and commune focused environment.

Team: Lorenzo Catena, Onorato di Manno, Andrea Tanci | Collaborator: Martina Cesarini, Giulia Franco, Justyna Profaska | Post date: 23/12/2019 | Views: 9.046