Expo Dubai 2020
Architect: Vacuum
Client: Unknown
Status: Competition (2016)
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Climate: Desert / arid, Hot
Materials: Concrete, Stone
Environment: Desert
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Cultural, Pavilion

Expo Dubai 2020 “Connecting minds, creating the future”: opportunities, sustainability and mobility.

Space is a void, a pocket of air that must be contained to define a limit. This precision coincides with an indispensable existence around it, that grants identity. To design spaces is to design the possibilities of live, with limits made material. Thinking about the future looking back: a Portuguese culture is based on mass subtraction from a solid form: this «stereotomic» vision of architecture represents this idea of extreme synthesis (concept of excavation and cavity). The void as a physical space lived. Emptiness is measured, shaped and prepared to become a suitable view for urban events.  – F. Espuelas, Empty, Reflections on Space in Architecture

Light, Pattern, Module, Hut, are the themes of the project, derived from an analysis of the identity of the place, the function in the present and in the past, and the contemporary need. The central room wants to understand the spatiality of Portuguese culture: the house with a hut roof. “The roof” hut, for example, has always been used to create a shelter, has become a symbolic form of building, that can to communicate through centuries the meaning of shelter and protection. The pavilion wants to be a synthesis of identical architecture themes of spontaneous Portuguese architecture through the concept of the archetype. The plant is formed by an “inhabited” wall which includes administration and service functions, (“to living the wall”, Luis Kahn) and one big central hall, imagine of the patio of the Portuguese house, high and suggestive space. Almost as a foot of a Portuguese village, the visitor finds himself living within the Portuguese home, lives the experience of vacuum.

Team: Gino Baldi, Serena Comi | Post date: 20/09/2017 | Views: 4.276