Fjell is a large housing area in Drammen outside Oslo. The project is a proposal for a regeneration of the area with a new school, sport facilities, housing, shops and public areas.

The new activities become part of a campus area with a central public axis. The new central axis becomes a social arena that the area is lacking.


architect: Eriksen + Skajaa  |  team: Arild Eriksen, Joakim Skajaa, Stian Rossi  |  collaborator: Code (Arkitektur AS, Hindhamar Landskap, Iram Haq, Oddrun Sæter, Stener Sørensen AS, EM Teknikk AS)  |  status: Competition (2007)  |  visualizer: MIR  |  scale: extralarge  |  types: masterplan, public space  |  views: 3.147