Flash SNCF
Architects: Morgan Baufils, Hugues Hernandez, Benoit Vauleon
Client: Unknown
Status: Competition (2016)
Clasification: 3 prize
Location: Bordeaux, France
Coordinates: 44.930444, -0.492783
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Material: Wood
Environments: Railway, Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Small
Types: Station, Transport

A train station is a place of contradictions, a point on the map providing an access to a whole, a station reflects mobility and interaction, but it also evokes immobility by its referent presence in the city. A station structures the territory and belongs to the collective memory, every each of us has its own representation, so the station carries a certain universality.

However, in its current situation, the station of Sainte-Eulalie – Carbon Blanc is located in a territory that has been overtaken, a motley landscape consisting of crashing elements. Despite its strategic position in the development of Bordeaux, its withdrawal makes its perception in the urban space difficult, and its poor surroundings treatment, does not contribute to the use of the station.

With the purpose of making the station a reference point again, we’re inte rested in how to reassert its presence in its environment, and how to interact with the site by introducing continuities. However, this desire of reference in the territory wasn’t only physical, but also as the heart of social practices, to create a link, a bond between the station and its local population.

To do so, we have seen the development of the station as a way to create interaction and entertainment to change the waiting time before the trip, and to emancipate the station of its primary function. In order to fit the immediate problems without prejudicing the future development, it seemed important to us to integrate different temporalities in the project and make it extensible, so it can still accommodate more activities in these surroundings.

Our objective was to to impregnate this requalification with an architectural identity, a singularity, and to establish a modular structure at the scale of the building as the territory’s scale, in order to contribute to the recognition of the Sainte-Eulalie – Carbon Blanc station .

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