Architects: Vittorio Falaschi, Uberto Carignani, Maddalena Nanni, Emmanuele Bortone
Client: Unknown
Status: Competition (2021)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Amieira, Portugal
Coordinates: 39.9838251, -7.9187878
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Material: Wood
Environment: Forest
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 90 ㎡ Extrasmall
Types: Cultural, Mixed use

The project originates from the continuous relationship that is established between people and the environment that surrounds them. The union of these interactions is realized in the shala, the large central hall, the main space of the new yoga house.

The project is made of two moments: the passage and the meditation. The «passage» represented by the unique distribution of the project, which visually communicates the entrance with the outdoor garden. At the same time it relates to the adjacent spaces. The «meditation», represented by the large central hall. This space is constantly related to the surrounding landscape, almost becoming part of it.

The entire structure is composed of laminated wood beams interlocked with each other, so as to generate partitions and horizons with a static function, but also functional. In fact, the modules genereted by the intersection of the beams become usable voids that can be used to store the necessary equipment for yoga, or simply a place to share tea.

Team: Vittorio Falaschi, Uberto Carignani, Maddalena Nanni, Emmanuele Bortone | Post date: 18/03/2021 | Views: 4.097