Galician wood
Architects: Local, Alvaro Novas
Client: Ayuntamiento Concello de Ames
Status: Competition (2020)
Location: Ames, Spain
Coordinates: 42.847572, -8.582981
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Material: Wood
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Onirism
Budget: 700.000 €
Scale: 580 ㎡ Small
Ratio: 1.206,90 €/㎡
Types: Cultural, Mixed use

We design a familiar shape with a traditional gable roof as a new domestic space, so that all users identify and feel at home when visiting and working in the center.

A simple way that can generate a positive social value of inclusion and belonging, while feeling less institutional.

We offer an adaptable and highly flexible building that requires little maintenance and can accommodate a wide variety of spatial configurations.

The creative greenhouse configures a flexible space in the center of the building. We call it a creative greenhouse because it is a space full of natural light, because in this area the facade becomes more porous, facilitating the crossed views of the natural landscape and the patio.

Next to the reception, a modular room that can be divided into two is fitted out where there are two meeting rooms. We offer a large multifunctional room which can be subdivided into four different spaces depending on the event being organized. The OMIX office is divided into two distinct and separate areas; one for the work of organizing and preparing consultation materials and another for customer service. A reading, teamwork or light study room is available for around 40 people. He covered outdoor stands and cross views of the urban and natural environment.

The project is envisaged as massive wood construction built in collaboration with a local wood producer Finsa. The ambition is to start shifting from the widespread concrete construction of the last decades in rural part of Galicia to the use of renewal material that this beautiful and green region has to offer.

Competition: Centro multifuncional en Ames | Team: Matthieu Boustany, Benoist Desfonds, Elida Mosquera, Alvaro Novas, Jerome Picard | Post date: 08/06/2021 | Views: 3.437