Piazza d'Armi
Architect: Cinque A
Client: Comune di Ancona
Status: Competition (2019)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Ancona, Italy
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Materials: Glass, Metal
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio Bark
Budget: 5.323.000 €
Scale: 4.000 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 1.330,75 €/㎡
Types: Commercial, Market, Public space, Square

The main aim guiding the design choices is to give character to a space that today is perceived as fragmented, and has neither architectural nor spatial identity. The idea is to provide the area with a structure, through the introduction of an architectural element, which can be recognised as a new landmark. The strategy overall is to regenerate the entire area, while renovating the square. The new square will be characterized by the presence of two volumes, centred around the space, which will host the main functions required by the program.

Team: Matteo Benigna, Matteo Cecchi, Diego Collini, Marco Gatti, Giovanni Manzoni | Collaborator: F&M Ingegneria, Daniela Giampieri | Post date: 07/06/2021 | Views: 3.418