Gjøk og sisik, trost og stær
Architect: Eriksen + Skajaa
Status: Project (2010)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Extrasmall
Types: Intervention, Public space

After a massive public outrage about the billboard-covered and massive inspection towers that can be seen all over the city Hafslund Nett decided to have some new inspection towers designed. That the former towers was designed less than ten years ago didn’t seem to matter much. We felt this competition was yet another chance to address a matter we cared about: birds!

We proposed to keep the towers, to replace perfectly good inspection towers was not a very sustainable move, and instead equip the towers with some soil at the bottom, a wooden rack for plants to grow along, and some bird houses behind it.

This way the existing towers would introduce new habitats for the city birds. In these times of marble landscape architecture bushes are hard to come across.

Team: Joakim Skajaa, Nora Aursand Iversen, Arild Eriksen | Post date: 27/02/2012 | Views: 2.213