Client: Private
Status: Project (2023)
Location: Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Brick
Environment: Urbanization
Visualizer: Delightfull studio
Scale: 212 ㎡ Small
Types: House, Residential

The house was designed on a unique urban plot that fulfills the investors’ dreams of good access to the city center while being in close proximity to green areas. The building is located on a busy street, among «PRL-style blocks» and old trees, while the back of the plot opens onto a park.

The spatial relation and functional program shape the house’s form. At the front, a single-story technical part was designed, which, without windows, is separated from the street. The residential function is located in a two-story volume with windows that frame views of the garden and the park. The «cut-out» patio allows the garden to penetrate into the interior of the house and creates a private resting place.

The simple form of the house refers to the neighboring «blocks”. The leading material used on the facade, terrace, and paths around the building is brick complemented by light wood and aluminum. Despite the diversity of textures, the monochromatic color scheme gives the whole a cohesive and distinctive character.

Team: Magda Sawicka, Aneta Roguszczak | Post date: 17/05/2023 | Views: 1.635