Industry research and innovation Center is a finalist competition entry by vaillo+irigaray architects promoted by Universidade Da Coruña in 2023. It is located in Ferrol Spain in an urban setting. Its scale is large with a surface of 13.100 sqm. Key materials are glass and metal. Graph collaborated as visualizer.

The new construction of the Research and Innovation in Industry Building (EI3) aims to extend the university campus and strengthen its research facet in projects related to the so-called «factory of the future». In accordance with the requirements of the specifications for the competition, the proposal is for a: «building based on excellence that enables the proposed use and that is flexible in its distribution to adapt to a demand for changing uses and that is singular in terms of interior and exterior design, integrating itself from an architectural point of view into the existing environment».

Emblematic, innovative building, integrated into its surroundings

A new building with an emblematic character is proposed, enhancing its image as a research and innovation centre, whose iconic and unique image is recognisable as such. The new building raises three issues that the competition rules aim to achieve: building as a «gateway» to the campus integrated into the environment; building with an image appropriate to the technological and innovative use; flexible building adaptable to a changing demand.

The external image of the new EI3 proposes a reinterpretation of the «Atlantic galleries» from a technological point of view, capable of unifying different functions such as the inclusion of active and passive bioclimatic systems, while facilitating the maintenance of the building and even incorporating external installations. It offers, therefore, an image of great lightness that helps the dialogue with the rest of the much harder and compact buildings; it proposes a more transparent urban reading and therefore reveals the activity itself to its immediate surroundings.


Project based on «the Person»
Favouring optimal working conditions: importance of natural light, optimisation of natural resources to achieve an adequate natural temperature, providing adequate acoustics for each type of workspace and ensuring general visibility.

Energy self-sufficiency
As a building integrated in the «Green Campus» programme, the new EI3 is proposed as a reference in Ferrol and within the UDC in terms of energy use and production. A building is proposed in accordance with this energetic and sustainable commitment, as far as active and passive measures are concerned, which we describe below.

Opening the Campus to Ferrol
The new EI3 is proposed as a visible element of interaction between the UDC and its surroundings, bringing science closer to the public, manifesting its character as a «gateway» between the city and the campus. Currently there is no clear differentiation between the campus and the rest of the building environment, so the new building offers an innovative image capable of establishing the link of visibility that the campus needs.

Fostering collaboration
The structure of the building proposes a central space, which acts as a large atrium, manifesting its collaborative nature; it also includes different areas, strategically distributed, in order to encourage interaction between the users of the building, the different research groups, promoting a collaborative culture.

Open Design
The new building provides the necessary spaces and services to adapt to the needs of the programme set out in the competition rules, and also incorporates technical and architectural solutions that allow an easy and efficient reconversion of the spaces in the future.

Preventive Culture
The work methodology in the execution of this project integrates prevention from the design phase and later in its execution through the incorporation of preventive criteria.

The building is designed for future preventive and corrective maintenance. The spaces and materials used allow for mechanical cleaning systems in order to reduce costs and ease of maintenance.

3120-VYA-ES-2023 — Posted in 2023 — Explore more projects on education and research center — Climate: oceanic / maritime and temperate — Team: Antonio Vaillo i Daniel, Juan Luis Irigaray Huarte, Yago Vaillo Usón, Yago Fernandez, Victor Corostola — Views: 881