Innovative activity place in Sogndal
Architect: Local
Client: Vestland County Council
Status: Project (2023) On going
Location: Sogndal, Norway
Coordinates: 61.190959, 7.223174
Climate: Temperate, Oceanic / maritime
Material: Wood
Environment: Industrial
Visualizer: Onirism
Scale: 2.200 ㎡ Medium
Types: Sport, Sport center

How can public school play a greater civic role in rural Norway?

Rotunda is our new concept that we have developed in collaboration with Curve studio, and commissioned by Vestland County Council. The proposal addresses the demand for a unique activity venue that mixes sport, art, and culture and is an open invitation for everyone to enter. It is open to users who are part of a club or school, but also to others who may not fall into this framework, and may not have the opportunity to socialize.

The circular shape prompts us to rethink how to connect to the landscape. It creates a well-distributed building that is dynamic from all angles. The linear circular layout develops into a series of corners that playfully move around. These corners define all main entrances and are designed to create expansive, comfortable outdoor living rooms beneath the eaves.

The roofscape imagines a green and lush environment with plants growing vertically over a transparent mesh. This can both protect against the wind and introduces an additional visual layer in the circular form. The first floor is dedicated to the large hall with bleachers and a soft wall to hang out and play inside. Wardrobe and storage room are well integrated and adapted to expected logistics.

The programming around the base hall adds activity opportunities and social meeting places, which complement the activities in the hall. The top floor houses a
media library, a music room and a flexible activity room that can be used for health-related consultations, for example. The floor has direct access to a roof garden, with apple trees and a running track.

Collaborator: Curve Studio | Post date: 04/09/2023 | Views: 891