For a post covid era, Jenga, proposes a new three-dimensional urban living room for Sanxenxo’s multifunctional center.

In an extremely compact urban context, our proposal finds an opportunity to provide new relations between public space and the city.

A string of high-rise plazas generates open-air spaces for the specific program.

Each plaza has a different experience for the user, ending up with the best panoramic view of Sanxenxo’s bay.


architects: Marina Villalobos Violán, Christian Alvarez  |  client: Ayuntamiento de Sanxenxo  |  status: Competition (2020)  |  competition: Centro cultural en Sanxenxo  |  location: Sanxenxo, Spain (42.401283, -8.803099)  |  climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate  |  materials: metal, plastic  |  environment: Urban  |  visualizer: Studio  |  budget: 3.133.780 €  |  scale: 6.865 m2 medium  |  ratio: 456,49 €/m2  |  types: cultural, cultural center  |  views: 1.185

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