Kaira Looro is a proposal by Aina Roca Mora and Robert Comas Miralpeix for Kaira Looro in 2016. It is located in Tanaf Senegal in a desert setting. Its scale is small with a surface of 100 sqm. Key material is wood. Review the 6 proposals for the same competition.

The aim of the project is to create a shadow, throw which the light and the air can dance and where people can stay quiet under it. Where are the animals used to go when they need to rest? Under the shadow of a tree. The extension of the branches and their leaves create a changing on the floor that protects their skin from the sun. To do this the project is divided in four elements: a platform, a roof, partitions and a skin.

– The platform: Which separates the sacred space from the ground, provide a bench in all his perimeter and changes the section of the earth line. Could be done by concrete and shells of Casamance. This distinction in the pavement separates the interior from the dust and mud of the outside and gives a texture to the floor of the building.

– The roof: His constructive branches will allow us to put on them a material that creates the shadow on the floor. One roof that projects a homogeny space under itself, there, everything can happen. This roof is done by wood beans which are supported by wood structural pillars. One pillar in the middle of the plan, provides of hierarchy the interior space.

– Partitions: The collocaDon of fabric walls allows this one and only space to be four different things at the same time. This system provides a hierarchy to the whole project. The fabric walls are held by the same beams structure and can be moved depending on the requirements of the moment. These possible four spaces are represented in the roof, the one that works as a reclaim of what happens under it.

– The skin: That surrounds us and separates the inside from the outside. Built using a constructive system that allows the air and the light cross throw it, but provides the interior with privacy and a new landscape to contemplate. This skin will be changeable, giving the whole building the possibility to have different entrances and places to sit.

2284-RCM-SN-2016 — Posted in 2018 — Explore more projects on cultural and pavilion — Climate: hot and tropical — Coordinates: 12.652783, -15.426479 — Views: 4.239