Köpenicker Housing
Architect: Ahmet Kürkçü
Client: Unknown
Status: Academic
Location: Berlin, Germany
Coordinates: 52.508455, 13.426236
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Undefined
Environments: Riverside, Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Housing, Residential

The basis of the proposal is based on two blocks with courtyards. The cut happens at the edges of the blocks to integrate these volumes within the context. Since the perimeter edges of the site are uneven, the volumes gained by split varies in size. Different heights of this volumes increases this variation so none is equal.

An elevated platform which unifies the volumes is proposed to create another level of public use. The connectivity between platform and street takes place in many spots such as between buildings, or inside the commercial spaces which are double floor height and placed on the first two floors of each building. There are also many connection points between the platform and beneath of it.

Different building typologies are coded by colours within the block which is repetitive in another block. Typologies such as loggia, extending balcony or full terrace.

Consultant: Johannes Kister | Post date: 04/12/2017 | Views: 3.011