Laboratories Nutergia
Architects: NAS Architecture, NBJ architectes
Status: Competition (2014)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 5.880 ㎡ Medium
Types: Education, Research center

One of the main challenges of the creative process for the laboratories Nutergia is given by its size: the building is about a quarter of the plot, the rest is a field of possibilities to transform. Faced with this unique situation and the desire to realize the local presence, we wanted to apprenhended the site as a natural relays, a reserve, a celebration of the territory of the Causses.

This vision of the marriage between the mineral and vegetable inherently characterizes the human presence in the territory. The operation takes root in this observation and extend this vision of the landscape and its materiality to provide a just and lasting intervention.

The industrial buildings from Laboratoires Nutergia program consist of three separate but related entities. The goal was then to give these three functions own physicality, for several reasons. These three entities are thus follow the topography of the site to insert it in the best and so play with different levels. This division allows the creation of view to the landscape near and far. Finally, this provision allows the creation of meeting spaces, passages and places that employ the vocabulary of a campus and manufacturing a friendly space where each place plays an extensible sociability in the future.

The project is contextual, manufactured by the site and for the site. This procedure produces a landscape-building, where nature becomes as important as architecture. The program does not require the site, it adapts.
The project transcribes the fundamental idea of the Laboratoire Nutergia: Nature as a joint project, whether architectural or pharmaceutical. More than a new image, these buildings create a «place». These three standing stones seem willing there by topography, following the curvature of the site. These entities are intended as a passive presence that filter light, passes or stops, on which nature seeps, hangs, passes through it. This intervention is a reflection of the image that returns the Laboratoire Nutergia: close to nature, ambitious and innovative.

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