Lace in Wind
Architect: Benjamin Nicaud
Client: Cyprus School of Architecture
Status: Competition (2017)
Location: Undefined
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Material: Wood
Environment: Seaside
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Extrasmall
Types: Intervention, Landscape

As an island country, Cyprus has always had its eyes to the sea – although its rich landscape stretches all the way up to the Troodos Moutains. Since the Neolithic age, successive populations have made great use of this natural wealth, which we still find today in Cypriot culture and crafts.

The project is an architecture of evocation, of the wind, the sea, but also of traditions with the secular craft of Lefkaritika laces. By creating an elevated yet accessible viewpoint framing the sea’s horizon, the viewpoint engages people with the site and gives the possibility of a new immersive sight. The viewpoint allows a symbolic scene of man facing the sea through a poetical promenade.

By bringing these natural and cultural elements into one place, the viewpoint pays tribute to Cyprus’ past but also offers a space where one could reflect and think forward to the island’s future.

Team: Pierre Guibert, Nicolas Pabion | Post date: 27/12/2018 | Views: 21.332