Colonie - Hôtel de Fourcy
Architect: RAW [playground]
Client: Financière Saint James / Colonie
Status: Competition (2018)
Clasification: 2 prize
Location: Paris, France
Coordinates: 48.866516, 2.334077
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Material: Undefined
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Vincent Vacker
Budget: 6.200.000 €
Scale: 1.000 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 6.200,00 €/㎡
Types: Hotel, Residential

Rehabilitate a site like the «Hôtel de Fourcy» means on the first hand transmitting its cultural heritage and on the other hand bringing acceptable changes that will adapt to the norms and challenges of the 21st century. Built during the 17th century, the building shows many historical layers, nested, embedded and cleared over time. Those layers made it quite difficult to read the building with an actual perspective. What is to be preserved, revisited, let this way, put another way, and what is to be delivered to future generations? What new use could fit properly into the frame without dismantling it? And what flexibility offer the future residents in a protected historic monument?

Open up

Far from the sometimes elitist image of the «Place des Vosges», the «Colonie d’Artistes» is to be very accessible to a large audience. Parisians, tourists, transients as well as newcomers will be able to meet along artistic topics, whether it is during a coffee break, an exhibition, an opening or even for a longer period of time for the co-workers. And whether it takes place in the basements, the corridors, the patio or the former stables, each location connected to the building is showcased, useful and opened to a various audience.

Encourage artistic creation

The «Colonie d’Artistes» will be an ideal place to create, thanks to its modular and evolutive spaces. The artists will be surrounded by the Loevenbruck gallery and so will have the opportunity to meet art professionals but also visitors just passing by. The concentration in the same place of more than twenty resident artists will encourage a multitude of creative dialog. The rehabilitation of the Hotel and its facilities will offer an attractive area to enhance creativity.


The «Colonie d’Artistes» will be able to reduce the gap between the artist and the visitor, as the creative process becomes understandable, visible. Connoisseurs will happen to come across students and share their interrogations and feelings in a direct way that will benefit to the artist.

Collectively create, share better

The flexible spaces and the ability to share them allow the « Colonies d’Artistes » to be more affordable for its residents. We have indeed taken real steps by engaging ourselves into affordable fares for more than 25% of the area and of the lessees. We can not consider the possibility of exclusion for some populations from some areas for financial reasons. This is why the benefits and shared facilities are equal for every resident. We do not wish to offer a multi-tiered system and that is why we thought of a perfect porosity between all spaces of the «Colonies d’Artistes». Accessible to any young artist, the place is also open to outsiders : whether they are professionals, enthusiasts or visitors passing by. A unique place to live, stay, create, exhibit, sell, learn and teach.


The «Colonie d’Artistes» seeks to become a major destination for every art lovers, professionals or not, thanks to the implication of international references inside the project. We believe that artistic creation is often the result of cooperation and gets better with people exchanging together. The «Colonie d’Artistes» will be one of the special places to do so. Welcoming young or famous artists, looking after the relations and the collaborations between them, and becoming an international radiance in the artistic area are the main challenges of our project, that received a strong support from Metropolitan Art Paris for the artists accommodation needs.

Team: Guillaume Sicard | Consultant: Tecco structure WOR INGENIERIE VPEAS économiste Bellastock Athem éclairagiste | Post date: 17/12/2018 | Views: 7.546