Maison de l’economie et gestion a Aix-En-Provence
Architect: CAB Architectes
Client: Université Aix Marseille
Status: Competition (2015)
Location: Aix-en-Provence, France
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Materials: Glass, Metal
Environment: Undefined
Visualizer: SBDA
Budget: 5.300.000 €
Scale: 2.800 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 1.892,86 €/㎡
Types: Education, Research center

The project is designed as a single unit volume and echoing the Provencal farmhouse of the adjoining property. Composed of two volumes that raboutent and shift, it adapts to the slope. Like the houses made of successive additions, the volume of MEGA follows the regional logic.


To meet the geometry of the plot, the linear form and context sways, leaving an entrance plaza to the north and a south side terrace approval. It accompanies the curve of «olive» ellipse landscape, historical legacy of a beautiful property which has fortunately escaped the dismemberment.

Wearing / Equipping

The project is meant by its structure. This is an exoskeleton that unifies architecture. He wears the building which gently lifts a field that is hidden.Like a bridge manned and equipped, MEGA twists to stick to its limits, drag it. It is a «cherchante form» that by his break creates the event, accompanying the curve and steals to spare in a real home court. Such a «ship lying on the grass», the project expresses both serenity and dynamism.

Site structure

In an intimate dialogue with the landscape, the structure is facade. Fine lacquered steel frame, it directs and composes weaving walls. This constructive bias delicately portrays a simple and sustainable engineering, columns, slabs and breezes adjustable sun. The facades are then in such a vibrant and changing continuum.The rhythm of the sun’s path, clouds, walls shiver in a rustling that brings architecture resonates with the big trees of the park.

Mediterranean architecture

In the Southern tradition, occultations play as a filter before the largely glazed facades. Breezes mobile sift the Aix sun light, thus providing gentle and pleasant atmosphere to workspaces.It is an architecture that wants sustainable environmental, but contextual and clear Mediterranean.


Built on a simple and functional, the project offers a very efficient form factor. Double thickness from other offices and a comfortable central circulation, vertical circulation core at the center, emergency exits at the ends; general organization wants efficient and rational plan while offering convivial spaces, to framing the landscape, various intermediate places, outdoor extensions.


The exo-structure, which carries the facade floors front, freeing all bearing points trays. The modular dry partitioning, acoustic treatment, technical equipment, are organized to set to music a flexible architecture, fully transformable, flexible, able to easily evolve over time and according to usage.


To be sustainable by building near a heritage, it was soft to neutral, to abstraction. We wanted to not be in the sign or symbol, but simply in the institutional and landscape device.we wanted to design an architecture of silence, those who do not speak instead of men …

Team: Christophe Wilke et Olivier Rigal, Marion Nicoli, Oscar Faivre, Maxime le Bris, Alexandre Gosda, Clément Jaglin | Consultant: Christine Dalnoky, Batiserf, ALTO, Marshall day, Bureau Michel Forgue | Post date: 18/12/2015 | Views: 3.656